Hubei the same technology co., LTD(Former hubei same petrochemical co., LTD)Located in the corp miles industrial park,In the east of beijing-guangzhou railway,And the beijing-zhuhai expressway107CountriesThe tao,West han ten highway HanDan railway316National highway,From the wuhan tianhe airport120Kilometers away,Road traffic is very convenient。
      The company covers an area of26400Square meters,With production workshop6500Square meters,Four product lines,A scientific research base。The specialty is engaged inThe composite oil phase、Emulsifier and its series product development and research,Is a national high-tech enterprise。
      At present our company in addition to the special compound wax、Microcrystalline wax product wholesale sales,Polymer(Compound)Emulsifier production4000Tons; S-80(Compound)Emulsifier production10000Tons;Compound wax production20000Tons;The integration of composite oil phase produces20000Tons。
      Scientific research institutions and improve the company,Advanced detection equipment,And has a high-quality scientific research team。The company has with the huazhong university of science and technology、Wuhan university of science and technology cooperation,Constantly develop new products、The new process。Is now available5A national patent,2Results at the provincial level,By huazhong university of science and technology enterprises、Wuhan university of science and technology identified as“The teaching experimental base”。2014In company and wuhan university of technology jointly established the high-performance emulsifier in hubei province engineering technologyResearch center,2017The products of the company“Boron modified polyisobutylene succinic acid ester high-performance emulsifier production technology development”Obtain special major projects in hubei province technology innovation。
      The company always adhere to theGood faith for this、Quality first、To create a win-win situation”Our tenet,The products are sold in 28 provinces and cities、Autonomous region,Product quality and corporate reputation has been praised by customers。  

    We wish to cooperate with you,I am your create tomorrow's brilliant。


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